-a site to behold-

gradykane.com is a storehouse of artworks and wordplay, writings, ruminations, images, and oddities. The site is updated with fresh infusions of awesome and occasional injections of offbeat, so if you enjoy what's here stop back in. We'll leave the site on for you.


-We've got words-



-and pix-



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-and ripping yarns-



- if you're bored -


 - preamble -

Hey, my name is grady.


i'm an artist and writer, little seen and barely published, but i'm glad you stopped by this site, and stayed long enough to scroll down this far.  If i could, i would summarize what i do and make right here, but i can't easily do that. i write a lot, and i have a pretty wide range: from observational essays to weird character sketches to stories featuring angry penguins. i draw and paint a bit as well; i take surreal photos, i build dioramas, and make books. i created this site with an emphasis on eclecticism, because that's how i am. There's funny stuff and serious stuff and weird stuff, because that's how i am. And i'll be swapping out content and putting up new works with ruthless abandon because that's how i am.  Ruthless, eclectic, and weird and not in that order.

Please enjoy, and i thank you for your attention.